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Arivaca 08/29/09

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Fished from 3pm-8pm. Quit counting at 14. Senkos worked well. Good luck launching. A foot of launch ramp left in the water. Have a nice day.
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what was bf?? Nice job
About 3.5 . I think the bass have stunted dude. Back in the day before the mercury was exploited and catch and release regulation went into place we used to drop hammers all day(6-8lbs). Still do once and a while but it's not like it used to be.. The lake would swing hammers if there was some sort of harvest because I seriously think there's a stunting deal going on. Anyone who saw the old shop's thirty year polaroid get up knows whats up. FYI, i've been diggin up shoeboxes and gonna get those pics back up in the mercantile. It's amazing how perfect of a timeline those pictures captured.
when i first started going there it was easy to pull out 5,6,7, pounders out of there now its just little punkers all the time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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