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Arivaca last weekend

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Hit up Arivaca lake last week with my friend billy from work with his boat. We fished from light till about 2pm. We stuck most our fish on 6" robos t-rigged, fishing the weed mats and flipping. The lake has a crap load of wood on banks and in the lake.
I caught 17 and he caught 3 all between 1 1/2-3 1/2lb.

We are fishing again this weekend at one of my local honey holes i will post a report.
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FYI... just add on
at the end with no spaces...

good job!
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shit the lake is low i sure hope we get some water in there.nice catch.
UHOH...Gonna see Vu packin a indian stick in one hand and a rod in the other.
I couldn't lauch the other day,had to run over to patty
we did get some good water on tues and weds miss that lake nice pics man thx !
nice catch man, looks like your day was better than my last time there... heading back this sunday early morning, gonna be in my float tube... think I'll be able to launch? haha
thanks for the pics man hope it get water soon.
looks like fun, especially with the "cole beers"
Yea the fish were on the chew. I could have caught a lot more but i hadnt been there for 10 years and wanted to hit several spots. The fish pattern was woods with weeeds close by, for the most part. 4" oxblood t-rigged robbos dragged slowly worked best. the mat action was good as well. we really didnt even spend much time pitchen in the pads and we could have gotten a lot more. We didnt have any problems getting launched with his trailer and his smaller boat, there was a small tracker that launched too, but your truck back in will be 5-6' out in the water.
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