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Arivaca sunday night

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Fished Arivaca Sunday night, my first time seriously targeting bass at night. (always just messed around while soaking catfish baits.). Got there right before dark, and we hit the first cove on the right with the cliffs. Caught 2 nice looking 2 1/2ish lbrs on consecutive casts on a black frog right after the sun went down. My buddy missed a fish on a frog further back in the same cove. The entire back of it is about 2 ft deep and one massive weedbed from the water being super low. He missed another on the way out right before the cliffs in that cove. Then it got real slow. Thought the bite would start up after the moon came out but it didn't really. Pounded the cliffs and every tree in the water with a jig, nothing. Threw a big Zoom Mag II green pumpkin worm, nothing. Ended up catching 2 more on a drop shot, one was about a 3, but the best looking fish of the night, healthy and fat. Ended up with only four in the boat, buddy got skunked. Fun first time night fishing(seriously) for bass...

pic is my first night topwater bass. Can't see $hit, hear the bass inhale it, think 'was that me?' slam the hook home, yup, that was me... fish on! 2 in a row, about this same size.


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Those frog fish are something else. Good job dude. Last time I was there they were breaching themselves through the weeds like a great white does with a seal. Hilarious.
I was there Saturday Dan, another week you aint launchin with a trailer.
I'm planning on fri. The sky was pretty dark down that way earlier this week, hopefully it got some. There has been plenty of rain down there, the hills are green, but the watershed that feeds that lake is so narrow it has to hit just right.
yeah, it's crazy low. If you're on the boat ramp looking at the water, There is pretty much a hill on the left side from the ramp channel being exposed. Like I said, the first cove on the right is going to get a little cove soon if the water gets any lower. Saw some trees in the water that I didn't know were there before... Many reeds are not in the water, or only in about a foot. Fish are still biting though! Hope it rains...
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