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Arizona Anglers Round Table

Meeting Agenda for September 22, 2003

Location: AGFD Region 6 Office, 7200 East University, Mesa

Time: Begin at 1800; end no later than 2100

Facilitator: Terry B. Johnson

Scribe: TBA

1. Welcome, Introductions, and Ground Rules (15 minutes). Speaker – Terry Johnson.

2. Commission Order 40 (the AZ Fishing Regulations). Revision process, current fisheries issues, and format changes (60 minutes). Speaker – Larry Riley. Note: The Commission hearing on CO40 recommendations for 2004(-05?) is set for October 18, in Phoenix. Larry will provide details.

3. Invasive Species (15 minutes). Speaker – Larry Riley. Briefing on where Arizona is headed with addressing (aquatic) invasive species issues, and how this might relate to angling and boating.

Break: 15 minutes

4. Update on significant Fisheries Field Activities and Issues (30 minutes). Speakers – Kirk Young, Jim Warnecke, and Rob Bettaso.

5. Tempe Town Lake and Urban Fishing in the Phoenix Area (20 minutes). Speaker – Eric Swanson. Briefing on TTL itself (home of our State Record Rainbow Trout!) and Urban program status, including (as time permits) angler participation, routine angling opportunities and special events, and funding sources and issues.

6. Action items and follow-up from past meetings (20 minutes, and as much more time as available).

a. Bill Luke Big Bass Days

b. Roosevelt measuring boards

c. MMBC Classics

d. Law enforcement issues

e. Boating access and Nav-Aids

f. Drought, Fire, Pestilence, and Fishing in the American Southwest

g. Canyon Creek status and plans for rehabilitation

h. Other issues

7. Wrap-up (5 minutes). Speaker – Terry Johnson

a. Summary of Action Items: who will do what, and by when?

b. Next Round Table: December 15, 6-9 pm (AGFD Wildlife Building, State Fair Grounds at 19th Ave and McDowell)

c. Adjourn

Document AZ Anglers Round Table Agenda.20030922.doc


Thx, Terry


Terry B. Johnson, Chief

Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program

Arizona Game and Fish Department

2221 West Greenway Road

Phoenix, Arizona 85023-4399

Tel 602.789.3507 Fax 602.789.3926

E-mail [email protected]

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