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If any of you guys/gals ar looking for a tourny this is the one. I figured 50 boats max due to the WONBASS at bartlett and the B.A.S.S. at havsu.

There were 96 boats (at Roosevelt Lake)
there was food
There was Free throw AWAY's and I mean THROW
there was a raffle
The pay out was the best I have ever seen
$6500+ for first place and the guy wasnt(from what I heard) in all the options, if he was he would have gotten $1000-$1800 more in checks.
paid 18 places including out of the money
a goon fish option which paid over $150( think it was $170)
Alot of guys came from Allstar and are fishing this tourny instead.

And to top it off they had a lie detector test there for the winners. 8) Granted it took about and hour longer to get things going but hey some of you guys asked for them.

Of course the weigh-in was fast as it could be (Randy Did It)

This was one well ran tourny and Pat Buckner(sp) put together a hell of a good circuit.

Also if you qualify you fish for a Champion bass boat on the last tourny, tahts right they are giving a BRAND NEW BASS BOAT AWAY FOR THE TOP TEAM

next one is December 20, 2003 Pleasant Lake



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I agree with Del....they did great. The night befor ethe tourney they had a steak dinner and a and doughnuts before the tourney, and when the wind came up and poeple started getting off the lake early, they stepped up and set up the weigh in a little early. Me and Rackman were impressed. Nobody laughed when we weighed in our sack of fish sticks either! Our weigh in bag could have been a zip lok freezer bag. Oh well, at least we got the points, right? Delw, how did you guys do? I still cant believe I didnt see you guys.
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