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What are you jigging with??? Cotton Cordell, Jiggin' Spoon's, Kastmasters and other typical jigging spoons seem to be the ticket. I know it helps to use your graph to mark your bait as well, have you tried that to make sure you're getting it in their face? Also a Med Heavy rod helps a LOT to ensure you get a good hook set at those depths. I'm a Tucson boy but I try to get to Saguaro once a month. I have a white Pro Craft 180 with a green stripe (...with glitter boat cop... :wink: ) and a Merc 150. Swing by and say "HI" if you ever see me out there and I'll help you anyway I can. ...but they don't call me Skunked for nuttin :roll: so don't expect too much. :wink: :lol:
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