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Hey guys, long time no post...Ive been extra busy with this semester in ASU's College of Engineering, so havent had much free time, but I did make some time the last few days at ASU Research park. Went out last night (Friday) for bass and saw lots of schools of smaller 1 or 2 lb'ers who wouldnt bite anything, Bassblaster, you can attest to these stubborn fish as well, so after being frustrated and seeing tons of carp, I decided to come back today and fish for nothing but carp just so I could remember what it felt like to have something pulling back. Ended up with a total of 9 fish nothing smaller than 8lbs. One at 21 lbs, and 2 at 17 lbs. Was a great day, and I know some of you may think its kind of Taboo to even mention carp on a BASS site, but hey, the real definition of fishing is "A jerk on one end of the line, waiting for a jerk on the other" and so I figured this fit the category, besides I had 6 hours of homework tonight and didnt know of anywhere else I could have gone, had that much fun and been home in time to not have to pull an all-nighter :p
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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