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Auto Insurance

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Tai man WTF, why is USAA rasing my rate to $1057 every 6 months for 2 10 year old cars and a 07 Dodge? Something about AZ rate increase? I used to pay $116...WTF:mad:

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They must have read your posts about towing at 90+
They must have read your posts about towing at 90
No USAA found out that Franklin would hit anything that moves:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl:!:!!!!!
Must be the thread about drinking. Uncle Sam is watching.
dude i pay 1600 every 6 months for an 02 and 05 Dramax. no claims in 10 years and no tickets ever. they all can suck my sack
AM-Fam charges me 230 a month for 07 car, 04 p.u; 02 Toon my crappy home and a work shop plus a barn type storage building. Boat ins. includes 10k for equipment/tackle. Hell they even know I park sideways on ramps. Have Tai give you a quote.
They must have read your posts about towing at 90+
Franklin dude (stick a fork in you ) your are done
Dude i have to agree with booya's post.... You can thank your prez you voted for!! :biggrin:
What were you paying before? USAA has had pretty stable rates for a very long time. Surprising.
Dude i have to agree with booya's post.... You can thank your prez you voted for!! :biggrin:
Nothing to do with Obomba, overall increase due to the cost of duing business in AZ, medical bills, and cost of repairs. Mine is going up a 86.00 per six months and thats still close to 300.00 cheaper (per 6 months) than any other insurance out there.

Just maybe, if homeland securiy closed the borders and the hospitals weren't required by law to treat uninsured then these increase wouldn't happen.
Lol @ this being Obama's fault.

I scraped the plastic piece on my passengers side door against a pole at the gas station. It tore up 2 plastic cladding pieces. Called State farm, they gave me a list of 'preferred' body shops. Took it to the first one, the guy never gets up, looks out the window at my truck in the parking lot and quotes me 3 grand to do the work!!! I was like LOL WTF - no way Im letting you touch my truck.

I ended up getting both pieces off of ebay (OEM) for $150 and had a different body shop install them for 100$. That is 1/2 of my deductible, and less than 10% of what the first company wanted to gouge my ins company for.
I shop my auto insurance every 6 months and have changed insurance co. 4 times in the last 3 years. The rational is that these co are always willing to beat the other guys rates so long as you are a decent driver, we don't give them the chance to hike the rates for no reason. If you think about it your vehicle loses value every 90 days according to KBB therefore insurance should go down over time. Try it
Here you go Franklin!

Tai man WTF, why is USAA rasing my rate to $1057 every 6 months for 2 10 year old cars and a 07 Dodge? Something about AZ rate increase? I used to pay $116...WTF:mad:

Auto insurance rates climbing in Arizona

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Edward Gately, Tribune
June 25, 2009 - 4:55PM
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Many insurance providers are revving up auto insurance rates across Arizona, continuing an upward trend that began last year.
According to the Arizona Department of Insurance, 77.46 percent of insurers that have reported auto insurance rate changes this year either have or are increasing their rates. The highest percentage increases are Colorado Casualty Insurance Co., a Liberty Mutual Group company, up 30.20 percent, and Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Co., a USAA company, up 30.10 percent.
Insurers have all year to report any changes they make to their auto insurance rates, said Erin Klug, department spokeswoman.
"There's no requirement that they change their rates at any particular time," she said.
In 2008, an overall average increase of 3.72 percent was reported among insurers filing rate changes that year, according to the department. That's up from a .32 percent decrease in 2007.
"There is a small uptick ... in insurance rates that appears to be happening at this time," said Ron Williams, executive director of the Arizona Insurance Council. "It's balanced by the fact that in 2006, the 20 largest insurers in the state dropped their auto insurance rates by 5 percent.
"We have times when the competitive nature of the insurance business here in Arizona allows for rate decreases, and then we have these times where losses and costs that insurance companies incur result in higher rates."
Colorado Casualty has been paying out more in claims than it has been receiving in premiums, said spokesman Paul Hollie. Colorado Casualty insures commercial vehicles, he said.
"(Premiums in Arizona are) underpriced for the risk that the insurance company takes, so from time to time you have to make adjustments based on market," he said. "Additionally, Colorado Casualty is still very competitive in that marketplace. Some customers, depending on where they are in the spectrum, will actually see a rate decrease."
Clay Allen, USAA spokesman, said USAA companies, including Garrison Property and Casualty, had a combined auto insurance rate increase of 9.9 percent this year in Arizona. Garrison is a newer USAA company that began providing insurance in Arizona three years ago, he said.
"After a few years of loss experience in claims, we determined that those original Garrison auto insurance rates were inadequate, and that's why we filed the rate increase," he said. "Overall, Garrison and our other companies, we're seeing our auto loss trends steadily increase, and those are being driven by a growing number of claims and higher repair and related medical expenses associated with those claims."
USAA provides coverage to military-related personnel, including active duty and reserve, retired or direct family of a military member.
None of the three largest auto insurers in Arizona - State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co., Farmers Insurance Co. of Arizona and American Family Mutual Insurance Co. - reported increases. In 2008, those companies had 30.3 percent of policyholders across Arizona.
State Farm hasn't filed any rate change, while Farmers reported a .4 percent decrease and American Family reported a 3.1 percent decrease.
State Farm's auto insurance products are appropriately priced to risk, said spokeswoman Cheryl Willis-Blakes.
Arizona's highly competitive insurance market means consumers have plenty of choices if they feel their rates are too high, Klug said. The department's Web site includes an auto insurance premium comparison guide, at
Policyholders should examine their policies at least once a year to see if they could be paying less, Williams said.
"The insurance companies really do vie for our business, so consumers are encouraged to do some comparison shopping," he said.

Car insurance rates on the move

Biggest percentage auto insurance rate increases:
1. Colorado Casualty Insurance Co., 30.20 percent
2. Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Co. (a USAA company), 30.10 percent
3. Encompass Property and Casualty Co., 19.5 percent
4. Houston General Insurance Exchange, 13.7 percent
5. USAA, 10.8 percent

Biggest percentage auto insurance rate decreases:
1. Infinity Select Insurance Co., 8.30 percent
2. QBE Insurance Corp., 6.34 percent
3. Coast National Insurance Co., 5.00 percent
4. Mendota Insurance Co., 5.00 percent
5. Unigard Insurance Co., 5.00 percent
Source: Arizona Department of Insurance

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Bottom line is many companies have not taken there rate increases as they should've been the last 5-10 yrs. resulting in the AIG catastrophe. I imagine the states departments of insurance are probably under somewhat more scrutiny now after that.

As mentioned before USAA has been historically so low for so long they have to keep up also with rising health care costs. I quote against them offen and I will guarantee Franklin you have a very competetive rate.

The flip side of the depreciation of your car is if you hit somebody with a big truck you cause damage both to the car and bodily injury. That amount of damage you can cause does not go down with the aging of your vehicle, in fact statistically it goes up. As they make more cars fuel efficient with more plastics and less metal the likely hood of damage caused increases. You guys seen those "smart" cars. Can you imagine hitting one of those with a dually or something big? Thing would fold like a bubblegum wrapper.
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