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auto question

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Hey gents; I've got a question for ya!
I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado that I think I have a blend-door issue.
When I use the AC, if I, by accident, turn the cabin control knob from cold to hot, then back to cold, it stays hot all the friggin time!
So, whenever I just touch the temperature from hot to cold, I am screwed! It never goes back to cold again.
Now I have heard if i replace the Blend-door that will do the job, is that true?
If any of you guys came across this issue before, I really would appreciate some insight. I don't want to rip that dash off for no reason and start replacing stuff and start guessing when i don't have too.
Any insight I would appreciate very much!
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isnt the newer vehicles operated via vacumm on the blend doors? maybe its a vacumm line broke

I don't think it is vacuum operated Del. I am pretty sure it is an electric motor and from my understanding there are two motors. One for temp. control and one for vent control.
I had a similar problem a few years ago on my Dodge and it was the blend door actuator connection arms. There were 2 arms with little plastic connectors that moved the door and one had broken off causing the problem. The entire dash had to be removed to fix it and a week later the same thing happened. Seems the dummy who fixed the first one never thought about replacing the other brittle one at the same time so it went next. I made them eat the labor for the second one.
they are electric, sometimes its just a matter of reprograming the bcm.
Got it fixed, piece of cake. There are two electric motors, a top and a bottom. The bottom motor is the one I had to replace. I took the old one apart and found a cracked gear, explains everything. Blend door motors are not cheap either. Glad I did it myself.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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