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Az trip

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I'm comming from Boston,Mass. and staying in the Phoenix area for 10 days starting Dec.31 and was looking for someone to fish with, either Saturday or Sunday(3rd or 4th), Thursday or Friday(8th or 9th) of January. I will pay any ramp fees and gas, also I will have my own gear. I have fished Lake Pleasent before and wouldn't mind fishing it again, but also would fish Apache, Canyon Saguaro or any Phoenix area lake.
I fish over 130 days per year and fish over 40 tournaments per year. I am also a member of the Rhode Island Bass Federation and on the stare team.
I have a picture page on From the left hand menue click on [email protected][/email] GREG
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I must say that is a VERY cool use of this site. Way to put out the AZ-basser red carpet gentlemen. :D
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