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Barlett lake police & fire games

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Fished the tourney today with 22 boats from all over AZ and CA. winning weight was 10.95 big fish was a little over 3#. We weighed in 9.45 which got us fourth. caught fish all day long all over the lake on drop shot. top water bite was a hit and miss thing. did well on cranking at first light. still hotter than hell during the day. is it not time for winter???????????
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Ive noticed its been warm at night, yet cold in the morning. I wish th e weather would make up its mind! Sounds like Bartlett is still cranking them out.
WTG BoatCop! Sounds like you had fun. that your excuse? You were fishing? :lol:
good fishing by the "good guys"

Lots of fish caught by the good guys (cops and firemen) at Bartlett on Wed. Thanks to all of the guys who helped put on this tournament and special thanks to the sponsors who donated prizes from Yamamoto, Waterdog Willy's, and Wal-Mart. (Thanks for the support.)

More special thanks to all of the other teams who let my partner and I win. 10.96 on worms, rattletraps and reacton baits. We couldn't catch any big ones, but we were consistent in our catch.
:D You guys forgot to mention buzzzzzzz baits. All our big fish came off buzz baits.
Haven't been to Bartlett for awhile. Probably going Sun am with a friend(finally got a back seat). Without giving out any secrets, unless you want, where is the best action? Is it still up in the no-wake zone? Any specific type of structure(rocks, flats, ..).

Thanks for any help you can give.
Best bite is in the upper end on river rock. the shad are moveing down lake towards Rattlesnake cove. A friend of mine fished top water all day at the dam end and weighed in 8.5 pounds and caught fish all day.
Thank BoatCop.

We tried down by the dam for a little while, but it was real rough. I threw a couple different topwater lures for awhile and only had one strike.

I am seeing alot of very large 20 foot plus schools of shad around Bartlett Flats, the lake is going down about 4 inches a day. as the shad move out of the river so will the bass. 2 friends went up there and fished the eve in the last 3 days and each caught at least 1 over 4 pounds. Thats like a 10 pounder in Sag.
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