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Bartlet 09-19-09

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i havent been to bartlet in about two years and it was good to be back started at 6am throwing topwater and nothing so i switched over to a jig and on my 3rd cast i hooked into a decent fish probably 3lber came to the surface jumped shook his head and threw my bait so i was perty pissed about that. my buddy was throwing drop shot right next to me and caught 4 fish all a pound and under right off the point. i fished another hour with nothing to show throwing the jig and topwater so i decided to move next spot. decided to cover some water to see if i could find these fish so i started crusing the baink with a crank bait, i threw it for about 15min with nothing and finally got hammerd 1st fish of the day was also the bigest caught in about 2-3ft of water idk how big or long she was but definetley a good one snaped a pic n let that fish go and didnt catch another fish in the next hour so we moved and got on a point that was loaded with small fish and my buddy was catching these small ass fish right and left on dropshot he probably caught 12 fish on that one point and i didnt catch shit throwing a jig. i almost was about to take off when i saw bait getting pushed right infront of the boat i had my top water still on and i caught about 6 fish and they were gone so we took off to our 3rd spot and started off throwing a jig on this steep bank and picked up 6 fish along that hole bank all about 1lb came to a point and stuck my last fish and it was the second best about 2lbs. over all it was a good trip back to bartlet. best five fish between me n my buddy combined was maybe 10lbs probably less we totaled Me:13 my buddy:16 he caught more but i caught the biggest lol. it was fun! here was a pic of that 1st fish. if u guys have any questions pm me.


i got caught in that storm when i was coming back to the ramp and it got shitty quick we took on lot of water before we could find calmer water them waves were perty big in my 16ft boat almost sunk my ass my strap on my trolling motor broke and it droped in the water and bent the shit out of my mount suprisingly my shaft is fine!


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Glad you made it back safe, sounds like a fun day on the water.
Good report Josh, sounds like you guy's had a fun time, thanks...
thanks josh im heading out there tomorrow and hoping i'll do better than the last trip three months ago and how's the water level?
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