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Bartlet 9/21

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I got a bug in my @ss to finally get my boat wet after 3 weeks of not fishing. I talked Wendy into joining me for a trip to Bartlet lake, so off we went. We didn't hit the water till almost 11:00am so I didn't really expect too much. I tried the Bartlet flats area and didn't do anything accept for losing 2 Kastmasters and a Dropshot rig. Wendy gave the boat a hull inspection a couple of times and talked Rocko(our dog) into joining her. It was really hot, but the fishing really wasn't. After spending a couple hours in the flats, I cruised over to the Dam and found a nice cove. I caught a fiesty Dink with the dropshot on a morning dawn Robwworm and that was it for the whole time out. We didn't spend a lot of time on the water. I was just jonesing for casting a line and Bartlet sounded like the hot lake of the week. we were off of the water by 2:00pm.

I'll tell you one thing. I really like the way the Sheriff's Dept patrols the lake! At the main ramp I saw at least 5 deputies kicking back watching the launching show and I even waved at one Sheriffs boat cruising in the flats! Boat Cop, you guys really do a great job at Bartlet! Thanks for your service!
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That was me you waved at, i was on a mission today. 13 Boat Rookies got some coupons today. It was not the day to educate the stupid. It was the day to document their stupidity.
that was me, i saw the guy in the front rippin the rico in. Leave my topless girls alone. you frightened her and she put her top on. or maybe that was me and they left. she was in a ski boat right.
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