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I got a bug in my @ss to finally get my boat wet after 3 weeks of not fishing. I talked Wendy into joining me for a trip to Bartlet lake, so off we went. We didn't hit the water till almost 11:00am so I didn't really expect too much. I tried the Bartlet flats area and didn't do anything accept for losing 2 Kastmasters and a Dropshot rig. Wendy gave the boat a hull inspection a couple of times and talked Rocko(our dog) into joining her. It was really hot, but the fishing really wasn't. After spending a couple hours in the flats, I cruised over to the Dam and found a nice cove. I caught a fiesty Dink with the dropshot on a morning dawn Robwworm and that was it for the whole time out. We didn't spend a lot of time on the water. I was just jonesing for casting a line and Bartlet sounded like the hot lake of the week. we were off of the water by 2:00pm.

I'll tell you one thing. I really like the way the Sheriff's Dept patrols the lake! At the main ramp I saw at least 5 deputies kicking back watching the launching show and I even waved at one Sheriffs boat cruising in the flats! Boat Cop, you guys really do a great job at Bartlet! Thanks for your service!
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