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Fished with Rackman (Dan) on the water a little after 3pm...headed up the river and found shad schooling everywhere. It was slow at first, I got a small one C rigging a shad worm off a steep point, then we got a few dinks on dropshot. About 5 though, the small guys started busting the shad and it was wide open on Ricos for a few minutes. Dan had a good idea and went to a dart head-ed shad bait and started catching some nice fish...about 2lbs. Of course I had to try it too. As the day wore on, I tried a big Ratlletrap and got a nice fish, a dink, and then lost another. Dan stayed with the Rico and was getting better fish. He stayed with the Rico/shad darthead bait for the rest of the evening doing pretty well, I went to a c rigged lizzard for another fish, then finished the night with 2 on a crankbait. All in all we had about 30 fish..we left about 830. Saw a topless girl on the boat (always nice) and then Dan decided he didnt want his new glasses and threw them in the water, and jumped in after them with is rod in hand, like the trooper he is. As a bonus he knocked another rod/reel in too. He came up with the rods but no glasses. Once we upsized our baits, the fish got better. Im going to try to post a pic of one of them, so we will see how that works....good luck, the fishing is HOT!

Hee, hee. Man, Franklin and Dan are a match! :lol: Dan, was that the pair of frames w/ a missing temple and sports tape on the nose bridge? :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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