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Bartlett 7/31-PM

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It was a fun night. Great breeze all night long and very little traffic after the sunset. The lake is freaking full! I thought it would have been drawn down, I was pretty excited to get the boat out there.

I fished 5PM - 10PM. I nailed a bunch of rats on a Excalibur suspending fat free shad in pearl around the rocky areas, crank it down, deflect off the rocks and wait 3 seconds, and start cranking again. The fish would hit it after the second turn of the crank. All caught across form Jojoba launch ramp and head south down that bank. Just look out for the submerge boulders. That shorelins runs flat quite aways out there, so becareful not to bang up your boat.

I was lucky on this run and kept my boat off of those submerged boulders. My front graph is acting weird, it doesn't want to stay on, so I was fishing blind tonight. That's todays project, get it fixed.

Went down by the dam and threw 4" Salt river craw Roboworm on dropshot and picked up a few rats, I was fishing the bank left of the dam that heads south towards the back.

I moved off to another undisclosed spot and spent the last 1.5 hours t-rigging and found better fish. Nothing over 3.5 pounds, but they were bigger! My best three out of this area would have been around 8.5 pounds.

Pictured is one of the 10 fish that I caught from this area, it was beat up a little bit on it's side, it's a 2.5 pounder. Tightlines.....


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Hey RookieBoy,

Thanks for the great report and sharing a picture of one of the greenbacks you caught!


Wait Matt no newspaper how do we know it was last night:rolleyes:

looks like at night but maybe you took a picture of the fish inside a closet:eek:LOL

How do we know that is really you:?: need an ID braclet on your wrist:p

all in fun.

Thanks for the great report again Matt, glad to hear bartlett was quiet after dark, I need to go up there early one weekday morning and see if my crappie are still stirring.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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