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Tubed Rattlesnake cove with troy on the water about 0545 and it was WINDY! Didnt bother/stop us though. Had a nice chunky fish close to 2 lbs before I even got to the dock on D/S (I finally am getting comfy drop shotting)....passed thru the new break in the dock and then Troy got one splitshotting a worm in shallow water. Finished the day at 11 with 7, Troy had 5 or 6...main bite was dropshotting shad colored worms in 20', when that stopped, throwing a reaper on a splitshot rig to the shallows for smaller fish worked. I think the good ones went deeper, probably about 30'. Water temp read 80. The fish were bulked up, probably from shad. Good luck!
PS-stayed pretty darn windy all day
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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