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Results from the 11/26/04 Bartlett lake road trip.<P>
27 boats showed up to fish it, a few more showed up just to say hi.<br>
Quite a few fish were caught as well as a 4+ and a bunch of 2lbs<P>
<b>Rules were as follows:</b><BR>
safe light till 12:00 Noon <BR>
$25 per boat (gentlemans bet)<BR>
3 fish limit any size <BR>
no trolling <BR>
no live bait <BR>
2 adults per boat<BR>
100% payback <P>

1. Jeff and Sterling Pfunohellon <b>6.73lbs</b><font color=#008080>$236</font> <br>

2. Victor and Debbie Cunningham <B>6.16lbs</B> <font color=#008080>$169 </font> <br>
3. Mark herdstrum /Bruce Nelson <B>5.80lbs</B> <font color=#008080>$135 </font> ( I have your cash call me )<BR>
4. Jesse A and Dan Radzik<B> 5.42 lbs </B><font color=#008080>$101 </font> <br>
5. Delw, Anthony and Claudia <B>5.10lbs</B> <font color=#008080>$34 </font> <br>
6. Tom McClure/Bob Mitchel <B>4.78lbs</B> <BR>
7. Tom and Janet Bowman <B>4.74lbs</B> <BR>
8.Tom Loughran/Jeff M <B>4.65lbs </B> <BR>
9. Jim and Chris <B>4.48lbs </B> <BR>
10 Denny A/ George B<B> 4.43lbs </B> <BR>
11. Brian Burger <B>4.32lbs </B> <BR>
12. Bill Kendra/Kelly <B>4.20lbs </B> <BR>
13. Ted C/ Chris R <b>4.14lbs </B> <BR>
14. Joe,Mary and Kendra C <B>4.02lbs </B> <BR>
15. Mike Bluze/George Frizzell <B>3.87lbs </B> <BR>
16. Anthony N/Dave M <B>3.83lbs </B> <BR>
17. Bob and Steve M <B>3.43lbs </B> <BR>
18. Chet Jr and Chet Sr M <B>3.38lbs </B> <BR>
19. Gary and Kristen <B>3.17lbs </B> <BR>
20. Brian and Matt Mc <B>2.71lbs </B> <BR>
21. Zeke and Tony <br>
21. Jim S/Rick M <br>
21. John G/Pete L <br>
21. Randy Carson <br>
21. Tim Price Stephan Price<br>
21. Jim/Kyle <br>
21. Anthony and Zac R <br>
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