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Bartlett lake tournaments;sat nite

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I witnessed two club tournament weigh ins on sunday morning; one was totally disgusting and the other one very professional. The one club had their weigh in at the parking lot on top of the hill; they must be a 1/2 mile from the water. some of the members walked their fish down to the lake in dry bags and tried to release them;; they must have killed 95% of the fish;; i thought these tournament were all "catch and release"??? The other club had their weigh-in right at the waters edge and the fish were never out of water more than a minute; i would say they had a release rate of 98%;;what a professional job these guys did; I don;t understand how one club can be so good and the other so terrible????? I am not much of a fisherman but this blows my mind;; isn;t there some law or rule about this BAD club;; i would say they should never be allowed to fish in this state again!!!
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Fishing tournament at Bartlett

The 2 clubs that fished it were Canyon and Roostertales. Don't know which was which becuase I couldn't make it but I will find out. Last year at Bartlett we had many dead fish all because some idiots didn't cycle their livewells and killed all the fish. We must have had 20-25 dead fish. This just mirrors life and some people just don't care, taking wildlife for granted. I took home as many as I possibly could. I've also witnessed people throwing plastics, garbage, and line in the water too. And of course I said something to them.
Roostertails dead fish?

Hey JB, why were you throwing dead fish back into Bartlett? This is not good for the lakes eco system. You, being a more "experienced" fisherman, Shouldn know better and set good examples to those around you. :roll:
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