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Fished club tourney and had only 4 fish out of the club over 2lbs. Winning weight was 15lbs. Most fish reported caught on cranks, spinners, and dropshot. Colors anywhere from Morning Dawn----Cht,purple Weenie,Christmas Weenie,P.S.II,Aaron's magic R&B and so on. We lost no fish and we weighed at the top of the hill and loaded fish into livewells and transported them back. Most boaters reported over twenty-thirty fish boated and many more lost. lots between 11-15oz.
Met some regular guy out there that just loved to talk, matter a fact everyone in the club knew who we were talking about. Anyways he had a stringer loaded with crappy that were between 1.8 and 2.11 lbs. He was catching them by the Dam on any purple worm that was 2 1/2"-3". (just dont know the name)We watched him for twenty or so minutes catch 4. Just amazing, his boat was by far legal though. Had probably 3" of water in the bottom not a life jacket in the thing, fire extinguisher! I believe he used that a few days ago on the motor but he sure was catching fish. Saw the Patrol boat all day saturday but not on sunday must a been Boat Cops day to fish!
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