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I have 3 batteries I just changed out in the boat and everything works but there is a wire coming from the breakers not hooked up. Will a 36v tm run with only 24 volts? Anyone know enough about it to check it out? mike 602-413-0522
Thanks phaz
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Yes and No, but I wouldn't try it. Read on!

Theoretically you should be able to run the motor it just won't be as powerful.

Now understand electricity, when voltage drops, current rises, and vise versa.

Say you have a 36V system and it draws 10 amps.
If you drop the voltage in half 18V, the current draw will double to 20 amps.
So in your case you would be dropping the votage by 1/3 your current draw would go up to around 17amps.

Now here is where the problem is, higher current = more heat, and I don't know if the added heat will cause damage to your trolling motor.

Like I said yes and no, but I wouldn't try it.

What is up with the wires, why can't you run 36V?
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Mike.Do NOT run a 36 volt motor on 24 volts You will burn the motor up. If you can run it over to the house I think we can get it wired up to run on 36 volts. Tom
phaz where were you this morning didn't see you a plez?
Bruce we are heading out in 1 hour.
Mike let me know how you do.
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