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I hooked up my charger to the trolling batteries last week and they weren't taking a charge very well.

It dawned on me that I hadn't put any water in them for a long time.

It was always very hard to get the batteries out of their compartment so I could work on them. This morning I had an idea.

I took a length of that hose used on irrigation systems and set the bottle of distilled water up above the battery compartment and siphoned the water through that tube to water the batteries ... worked great. Much easier.

Anyway it took almost a full gallon of distilled water to fill up the two trolling motor batteries and the starting battery.

I forget how dry it is and how fast the lack of humidity sucks water out of things like batteries.

If you haven't checked your battery water lately -- like me -- it might be a good idea. :idea:

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I just open the batteries, get the garden hose and spray it in at full force! Then I turn on the bilge pump and pull the plug. After an hour or two, the bilge is empty and I'm all done. :wink:

That's a good ideal. ...just make sure any blond folk out there know to siphon the distilled water - not the battery water... LOL! :lol:

battery water

What about the solutions sold at most auto shops to restore batteries?
Do they actually work?
I keep checking my batteries once per month and even doing that and adding distilled water they seem to be losing their punch quickly. What about the sealed batteries? They dont last too long out here I noticed. Any good batteries out there that dont cost an arm and leg?
Thanks for any help or sane advice.
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