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Bayou's pics

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I'm going to say it! FINALLY! I finally got Bayou's pics done! Check them out on the All Fish page or on Bayou's page. Click on the flaming "NEW" for the links. Sorry it took so long Bill! Those of you that are waiting for your pics......I'm working! :roll: 8)
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Bayou is smiling???!!! :shock: I just figured it was gas! :twisted:

As far as using a link to your pages on ntcrawler. Great idea DA! I'll keep an eye on the bandwidth usage and if it gets close to being a problem, we'll figure something out. Until then, link away. :D

Now as far as checking out tails......well, I'll just let that one go! :twisted: :lol:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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