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Bearing and Axle Question with Pics

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Well since my run in with a blown bearing and the cops last week here's what I have.

I got the melted bearing covers off of the spindle threads. The threads are perfect, The rest of the bearing race came off with the hub. I cleaned everything up and I am left with a straight spindle with one helluva gash in the middle of it. The rim was in good shape, but the hub is chewed up. So I am at a point of descision, I don't want to buy a new axle if I don't have to. The drop axle I have is going to cost me more than the straight axle I was priced. Obviously I need a new hub and bearings for Both sides just to be safe, but my concern is the spindle. Check out the pictures and let me know if I should just do the bearings and hub or replace the whole axle. Keep in mind the other side of the axle is perfect.


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Normally I would just throw new bearings races and hubs on it and be doen with it, however do to the heat an the absolute junk for material everyone is using these days, I would say replace the spindle,
you can take it to a spindle place and they will weld a new one on for like 40 bucks

ooops just saw one of the pics that showed were the race goes on in the front, REPLACE THE SPINDLE No if's an's or butts about it.

Yeah the fun part is that I have to find someone who will cut out the old one and replace it in the driveway. I can't afford to hire another tow truck and by the obvious look of it, I can't put the wheel back on. So.......... I guess I should buy a new axle.

But I don't know where to start. It's a drop down axle for sure but that is about as much as I know. I guess it's time to call thge Axel House again....
Take the current axle off and bring it to arizona axle its not that hard takes about 1 hour for someone who dont know what there doing.

Then it should take me an hour and a half.
Don't know if this would work but had a bearing go out back in the day(similiar situation as yours) and this the way I nursed it home was to wrap a chain around the axle and rachet it up to the frame and close as possible problem was had to drill a hole thru bunk to put chain thru. Maybe you can do this to get it to an axle or welding shop.........JMHO
You don't need a tow truck, just remove the axle. No big deal on the average trailer. Jack up the trailer, support it under the springs, & remove the bolts from the spring brackets. Not a big deal.
I had that situation after my tow from rosy, my axle is a bastard drop down that tracker put on my boat (couldn't even find it in Phx.!!) tracker said "if" they had it would be couple weeks to order soooooooooooo I took Del's advise, wrecker put it in the carport and I jackstanded the trailer pulled the axle and springs out (with help) and took my tore up axle/spindle to Az axle, guys are kind of hillbilly but nice guys, they cut the old spindle off and welded on a new one (very few places do spindle replacement) and I had "them" redo the bearings, on the other side and replace any needed parts on the bad side, ck the brake assembly etc. got it back (within the time frame they said)--if they are busy it is first come first serve, and bought new hangers, leaf spring on the bad side since it sheared off the assembly when I was driving 55MPH as the wheel,hub and brake drum passed me on the road!!

I don't think you want to experience what you went through again in the near future (or ever) so I would error on the side of $$ and have things done right.
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Take the axle off and bring it to AZ Axle and have a new spindle put on. If it was me I'd have both spindles replaced it not that expensive. It would be a good time to replace the springs since it's all apart. Springs are cheap $35-$40 bucks each. Repairing the damage when a spring comes apart is not cheap.

Some of you may remember all the problems Del and I had on my Astro trailer when we converted it to oil bath bearings. One side would not seal after two seal savers and a lot of cussing. So I took the axle to AZ Axle and replaced the spindle and no more leaking. Lesson learned. I plan to convert the Allison trailer to oil bath the winter and I will be pulling the axle and taking it to AZ Axle for new spindles first. New springs wil be going in at the same time as well.

replace spindles and all new bearings with hubs, the heat involved to do that damage would cause the spindle to chrystalize and make it very weak and break off. don't chance it boat repair is a hell of alot more expensive than the spindles
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