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Yesterday the kids and I went to eat at chewy's, I always take all my keys celphones and anything else important out of her truck when we stop to go into someplace.
so we get done eating and walk out to the truck. one guy on a bike was standing next to the truck in the front which I noticed as being weird.
then I turn my head and another one just appears . he was down by the drivers side door trying to do something. as we walked up they both just starred and never said a word, when they realized it was our truck one went about 3 cars away and opened the passenger side door.

As I walked buy them I almost handed them the keys and told them the tanks full and I will give you an hour head start( its a ford) LMAO.
but since there was 2 of them and they looked to be up to know good I didnt say anything.
once we got in the truck the guy on the bike took off and the guy that was sitting in the passenger seat just vanished, or he was under the dash ripping that car off .

moral to the story dont be early if you want your truck stolen, I think I am going to eat there again next friday too LMAO

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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