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Benefit [email protected]

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Anyone goin to fish this "Kickin' Bass with Tom Chambers",benefit tournament this weekend,(nov.15th),on Pleasant?It looks like a short tourny,8am-1pm.Then a BBQ with a live country concert.It has a $50/Individual boat or bank big fish option,$250/pro entry,$20/jr. under 12 entry.I guess proceeds benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. More info call,602-244-0068 or email Linda at [email protected]. Lake Pleasnat Harbor Nov.15th 8am.
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Benefit tourney

Why is there always a "Country Band"!?!? I'm sorry, but I just can't believe that all anglers automatically loves Country music. Its just my opinion but Country music sucks big time! When will there ever be a Rock band after a tourney?
no doubt! country music after a bad day on pleasant could make for a disasterous ride home! no tks.
I agree.
Randy will run the weigh in for this Benefit tourny.He will let the ABA aluminum boat participants go first then the "kickin' bass" fisherman go,at safe light.I think the weigh in will be around 1pm,with the BBQ and concert following.Well,I'm not a big country music fan either but this gentleman is playing for a benefit for a good cause.Guess they can't make everyone happy,so stay home and do "honey do's" lol.
re: Why is there always a "Country Band"!?!? from

Ok... sounds Great.... skip the country Band.

...Let's book Rage Agest The Machine and Pantera for Wayne.

he he

I can see it now... Wayne in a Mosh Pit Slammin and Bangin and what the heck... throw in a stage dive or two!

he he

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Which is it? 8 am start time as Guest said in the first post OR just after the ABA Aluminum start at first light as Splitshot said.

Guest (Gil?) where did you get your info?
Rage isnt together anymore....a country band is better than a speed polka band, right? I would run if they opened up with 'deuling banjos' though.
I am sort of partial to Pink Floyd when i am on the water.
Trust me, all anglers are not "country friendly"!
Jason maybe just for you they will do a remake of deliverence :wink:

I would like to hear Marylin Manson :roll: (only a few songs)

I picked up a flier today for this tournament at Waterdog's and the entry fees are $250 with a payback of 50% to the top four teams only. It just doesn't seem right to me...J-B
And also there will be a tagged fish worth $10.000 if you catch it.
Maybe the old fart group "Country Joe & the Fish"

Joe C
the country singer is a guy named dirks bentley from paradise valley. He is not my favorite, but he does have some decent stuff if you like country.
Rock, classic mostly

ac!dc, Kiss, Rush need I go on
good choice in music.


Now your talking Boat Cop. 8)
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