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best day at plez in a while !!!

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Was on the water at 0445 and ran up the river. Was a really nice morning and still dark when I started tossing a sammy and got 4 lm right away off of points--slot fish in the pound range. The tw bite died after about an hour so I moved up river and graphed a bunch of fish susp in about 15 to 30 ft water all along the cliff walls and rip rap on the north side where the water temp was holding at around 83-85 degrees. I went with a lipless crank and a DD22 in a crawdad pattern and it was game on!!! I fished over 2 hours going back and forth along this stuff and when it was all said and done, I had pulled in 18 lm, 2 stripers and lost 3 more lm on the day with the heaviest lm being a tad over 2.4 pounds. There were a few "nursery" fish in the mix as well but most were slots and a blast to catch. I have NEVER had a good crankbait bite at plez until today and it was awsome!!!!!! Its always hit and miss while throwing plastics everywhere all the time. I didn't even toss a plastic today and I didn't mind at all. I was off the water by 0900 and right before the lake lice infestation was about to begin. Most people bag on Plez cuz of poor results and it can and most often is a tough bite, but you have to stay after it as It can only make you a better angler regardless. Once in a while though you hit a day like I had today and realize that "Lake miserable" still as a lot to offer. Tight lines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great report, and thanks a lot.
im glad you did good glenn and nice fishing and jayman might be heading out there either tonight or early in the morning.
Thks bro. It was a blast and If I dont meet you guys, remember my PM info and slay em!!
right on dude thanks for the info. Just hearing about someone having success up there gives me a little hope. I stopped going up there this year but will try again this fall
Hey, Thanks for the report I might give it a try sometime this week.:lol:
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