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Best Place to Dropshot at Saugaro

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I am heading up to Saugaro this afternoon and I was wondering if you had one spot (general location is fine for don't have to give up your honey hole) to drop shot where would you go. I really want to practice my dropshot technique this afternoon. Would you go up river? Shiprock? Flats? Near the Dam? or No Wake Buoys? Just a general idea of where to start droshotting would be great. I picked up some 10 pound flurocarbone line and some aarons magic robo worms. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! Thank you.
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I like Mesquite flats and the snags. There is alot of grass in those areas right now so its a little tough, but the fish are there.
Where are the snags? I am not quite sure of location but keep hearing of them.
If you really want to learn d/s

Go to Bartlett. The fish are smaller, but willing to cooperate. I spent a whole evening there learning the d/s. Try roboworms in oxblood with a #1 hook.
After you pass shiprock and are heading toward the river no wake zone it is the cove on the right with the no wake buoys.
Ditch the drop-shot set up and go pick up some wired-worms, thier a hell of alot easier to fish, and you'll catch the fish that other people miss...........Franklin- 8)

"The Snags" is also shown on the Saguaro Lake map you can get to from the AZBassZone Home Page.
Give up dropshot? After I've caught fish on it?! What are you saying man?! LOL :lol: Tell you what, right now I like ds better than c-rig. Why I even got Rob to give in yesterday and give it a shot! After I caught those 3 lms to his 0 last week, he declared he would have to bite the bullet and try it. :lol: He caught a smallie on it yesterday!
try anywhere you can find channel swings next to flats. graph the drop-offs & structure. you're looking for fish on the bottom to 8-10ft off the bottom with baitfish nearby. if that don't work try the steep stuff. fish the crevices & let your bait fall. patience is the key man. hope that helps.
drop shot

DS is my go to when all else fails. Not very often that I don't catch fish ds'ing. Rich
YoungBassMaster - It's little late now but you may want to reconsider and get some 6 or 8 pound line next time around. The Aaron's Magic is a great choice, however. Flats in 8-17 feet is a target.
Yep dropshot works. I found one right next to Nightcrawler's boat, outside the Mesquite flats area, during the CD MBC tourney. I'm not even close to Ken's caliber yet. If it was Ken dropshoting, he would have found the fish under Nightcrawler's boat. I know that personally because Ken usually shows me where the fish are by vacuuming those suckers out from under my boat.When I caught that fish, Daphne goes, "is that a dropshot?" She was all over that presentation. She picked up her dropshot rig and nailed three fish! WTG Daphne! :D
If someone could show me something that I could do drop-shoting, that I couldn't do with the wired-worm, I would really give it a try
I could be ignorant, but I don't see it, the trees at Pleasant are kinda rough, but I see alot of people lose thier drop-shot rigs too........maybe I'll go out with one of you guys and we'll find out one of these days.................... 8)

I admit Frnklin that I don't use the wired worms enough. Many, many people claim to catch fish on them. Most that dropshot at Saguaro are in the flats with an awful lot of underwater grass. It just seems like you'd never be able to pull a wired worm through that stuff. :?: :?: :?:
wired worms @ Pleasant would be rough. Too many trees! I emailed Joe over at WiredWorms and they gave a few suggestions;
What I suggest you do is make a special order of our WW bodies and just buy our darter heads. A WW body with a darter head will get through the brush if you apply a little care. Another option is to rig it Texas style. We will soon offer just the bodies in the same tough plastic, but until then you can order from us direct at 602.867.5051. We will sell our existing colors. Havasu Special and watermelon is good for Pleasant.

We are also about to offer our same worm bodies in soft pour for drop-shotting. Within the next month we will roll out our finessePro drop shot worms and colors. Be on the look out for that.
The above statements came directly from Joe. I like the wired worms too! I'll wait for the dropshot worms to come out and then buy the darterhead jig set up.
WiredWorms makes an awesome dropshot rod too! Joe Owens highly reccommends them! There was a write up in Arizona Outdoorsman Magazine (volume1 issue 3) page 44. Check it out! Hope this helps. Matt
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man sounds pretty tasty there matt! d-shot basics - ml to m rod; spinnining reel (1000 - 2500) (you can try a baitcaster but that is a whole other post); line 6 - 12 (structure & clarity of water should tell you color & lb. test); lightest weight possible (dep. on depth); gamagatsu, nogales hooks (twisted sharp :twisted: ) experiment with the thousands of finesse bait/colors; learn your electronics (check out some of don iovino's advice); and hey don't be scared (franklin :p ) hey, you all know that though! ltr.
Yeah that grass at Sag is guys can drop-shot thru that stuff?........Would have to be rigged weedless I assume?

Franklin, my above post for Pleasant and using WiredWorms was just a suggestion for those double hook jobbies. My favorite drop shot rig is a 6'6" med. action Bass Pro shops Bionic blade IM8 rod with a Spirex 1000fd reel loaded with 6 pound p-line. I've experimented with circle hooks, gammy wide gaps, gammy offshank, and dropshot hooks. I like the 1/0 gammy wide gaps better. If the brush is thinned out, I'll nose hook the worm. If dropping down into the trees, I'll go weedless. I love 4"Roboworms . Just experiment with colors and depth. A good graph always helps. I'm usually in the backseat so I have to follow the guy infront, unless he's trying to ditch me :wink:
I'll give it a try one of these days...................... 8)

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