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best swim baits?

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what do you think is the best swim bait available? i not talking about the huge ones but more like a bass assassin or something like that
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Skinny Dippers

FYI, I wouldn't call a bass assassin a swimbait.
What kind of hooks do you use with skinny dippers?
hairy sack, hands down
slippery E by far!
What kind of hooks do you use with skinny dippers?
+1 on skinny dippers
you should use a sharp hook that is made of metal.

carbon steel hook with a sharp tip??
any links for skinny dipper
search skinny dipper...
thx joey what hooks would be good 5/0
What are basstrix?
Dels' hooker bass!!!!!-b ass tricks.
do you usually use your bait caster with them or just a spinnin reel?
Around here Skinny's and basstrix. Those E's are hard to beat everywhere else.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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