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Best Wife in the WORLD

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So heres the story:

I was coming home this weekend from Oregon. I thought i was coming home to take care of our 9 week old baby becasue my wife is doing one of her Creative Memory thingys this weekend at the house. BOY WAS I MISTAKEN!!!!

Well heres where it gets good. I get off the Intel Shuttle at Williams Field. I get in the car greeted with a kiss with a card on the seat. She says open it. I start to read it and it says here's the Deal. You will be having a fun filled weekend at Rosy with some of your friends and your son. My son has some of his friends going to. She has 5 hotel rooms reserved for us and everyone is going to meet us up there tomorrow afternoon. Then it says happy 40th B-day. It's also for my sons going away party becasue he will be departing for the Marines in 2.5 weeks. We'll needless to say i was in shock. First i think i will be stuck at home all weekend with the baby! (Not a bad thing) but then this.

That's not the end of it. We get home and i walk into the house. I noticed something hanging down from the ceiling.. She also bought me a new Bose surround sound system. All i can say is that i have a great wife and i wouldnt trade her for the world.. Ringer, Nummie, CrazyArcher, Thundermullet, and a few others i will see you at Rosy tomorrow!!

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Thats awesome!!! Have fun!

I'll be out there with my dad saturday
That's very cool! Have a blast!
OOPS! I wrecked your boat on the 202 coming home. Guy sideswiped it but not too bad. Just a fender gone and a few cracks in the gelcoat on the port side. It should make the trip up tomorrow after I get the tire patched. Happy birthday buttlick.
That is pretty cool happy birthday Texas ****....:biggrin:
Happy 40th, I just turned 40 last week. Hope you have a great trip. Either way, sounds like you've already got ahold of a keeper.
have fun man.
Nick, that's an awesome story. You do have a special and understanding wife. She definitely is a keeper! Treat her well!
congrats on finding one in a million, you truly are a lucky man my friend
Congrats on being 40 Nick. Just try to keep Charlie in check. See if he can transplant his Alamo skills to the East Side.
Very Freakin' Nice. You would be completely lucky if it weren't for the Texas thing. The good news is that in order to "get", you have to be willing to "give", so you might be a keeper yourself. (Sounds kinda gay, but its probably true)
The thing that stood out for me is 40 years old and a baby at home. OMG!
Thanking your son for his service to our Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats on the 40, All these pukes are just jealous they aren't from Texas like us.
Thx for the wishes guys.. If any of ya'll are up there and are staying the weekend be sure to stop by at Tonto Basin Inn in the evening cause im sure we will be having a little shin dig going on.
Awesome, Money well spent for both of you. When I got married someone got up and toasted "happy wife happy life". She must be great but I know that you also must be one helluva husband/father and for that you are rewarded.

Happy Birthday and Congrats to you and your family. Well wishes to your son.

Tell Kelly to remember me for Xmas!!!
Now that's a keeper! And thanks to your son for serving his counrty!
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