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AH... and most of you probally thought this was dead till next year. some of you were probally hoping it was .

so heres the skinny.

It isnt dead at all and believe it or not I feel they are trying to work out some good problems.

After the famous post about bigbassday on the azod board and the Game and fish round table meeting, A gentleman by the name of John Coppock emailed me and asked me for a meeting. I shot him my phone number and we talked a little and decided to set up a little one on one meeting. he was out of town on business for a while and when he got back he called, we talked wednesday. face to face one on one.

From the meeting, they are willing to do what they can, I also got the whole skinny and the truth as to what they think the probelms are and how they are willing to try to correct it. along with some other things that I cant discuss until he gives me the ok( they would just be rumors other wise).

I will say they do know that they have probelms and are correcting them and have been over the years. Dont forget this is a yearly event so things take time to correct.

They are going to work on the cheating problems, safety issues and alot more. Hopefully at the game and fish roundtable meeting John will show up. we are suppose to talk before that and he will give me a list of what can be said at that time.

When I say what can be said , I am talking about things we discussed that he would have to talk about to his people. decissions that cant be made immediatly on the spot they have to be thought out.

In closing I will say that I have alot more respect for the people who run this event. for the simple reason they called and are willing to talk about things. In the past it was hard to get them to respond. They also acknowledged the fact they know there are problems and willing to find solutions.

Also making sure everyone stays in the rules requires manpower, they dont have enough and have asked for volunteers. If your interested please email me at [email protected] and I will make sure John receives the request.


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