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Black River

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Ok kids.

I am ashamed to mention that I have lived in Az for 34 yrs and never experienced the black river. :OOPS: Having said that, I am going. I know all about the bears, snakes and critters. What I don't know is where to go. I have a vague idea. should I come up from the San Carlos res or go down from the White River side. I have heard of Tick Flat? I need some good advice and instructions. Don't have to worry about me destroying anything. I believe in carry in- carry out. I also don't keep fish. I have also heard of the Pump Station but that seems rather far up. I sure would appreciate the guy's. Thanks. :bow:
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Stay with your smaller, 3 and 4" mister twister type baits. Smoke, pumpkin seed, and watermelon will be all you need. Cranks and other baits will work also. But the twister's will get you one on the first and the last cast you make. Port o pines is where I go. And the further I walk, the better ( Bigger) the fish are. You will be wading, so bring some old shoes, and a fanny pack to carry some extra bait. Because once you walk a few miles and 50 fish or so, you won't want to go back to camp to get more. Put it in the water and they will come.
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