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Blue Cheese Potato Salad

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Ok dudes here's what you do, make your normal potato salad, then add a little sour cream+some blue cheese...go light on the cheese first(it's strong) and add just until you can barely taste it.....

Not bad, got it from a friend down in Austin....

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I can see your new show on the Food network...BLACK vs FOOD
I can see your new show on the Food network...BLACK vs FOOD
That's funny But you ain't right!!!!
That's funny But you ain't right!!!!
Ive takin him fishing, he can take a joke: Jerk-it
you still ain't right. LOL
That does sound good. I'm trying it tomorrow.
How about a BASSZONE cooking 101 , You know fried fish and chips, Crappie fillets, mudbugs etc The secret fellas is the LARD.
Sounds great, I'll try it today at our BBQ thanks.
Dude, Frank bob has got some ******* in him somewhere cause he can cook. He says hes from SoCal, but his people had to come from the swamps
BC i agree. Franklin can bring it...

Franklin I smoked a brisket and ribs this weekend that put it on the charts. whhooo, guess i got lucky... Also my friends mom in Yuma made her potato salad. i almost feel of of my chair. It was the best i have ever had.. Good enough to slap my mama in the mouth.
Nice recipe Franklin!

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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