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Boat Buyers Beware Of These Places

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Tracker Marine
1350 W main Mesa

Arizona Boat Center
1412 W Broadway Mesa

Arizona Boat Store
1440 W Broadway Mesa

If you are thinking of purchasing a boat or having any work done
Do Not I repeat Do Not have anything to do with these places!
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If you've got a beef, you've got to give details and be willing to sign it otherwise I consider this kind of post worthless.
Da is right, its great to warn the public but give details. I can understand the name being blocked due to if your boat is there you dont want it trashed or not fixed in a timely manner :roll:

I have heard the same from fisherman for years now. I can't give details because of all the warnings I've heard have kept me from ever setting foot in the place.
I believe all 3 of these places are owned by the same company right? So why shouldn't we go there? I bought my boat there over a year ago and never had any troubles with sales or service. (Tracker Marine). Inquiring minds want to know :?
My neighbor bought a boat there,Tracker marine last year. and they put on a trolling motor that had sun rot on the plastic, whenever he has to do warranty work, they try to screw him in some way. he has called bass pro shops several times and they told him they have had numerouse complaints about them.
We bought a 2001 Procraft boat, motor and trailer from Action Marine who was owned by the Randalls - now doing business under Arizona Boat Center. Anyways, we bought boat in 7/02. 1 yr later by wife decided to refinance for better rate bla bla bla. When she called for payoff, the amount owes was more than we financed. Come to find out, Action Marine submitted a forged contract for 1800 over the correct contract. After more research, we found out thru Mercury that our "2001 Mercury engine 200 EFI" was really a "1999 Mercury 200 EFI"

We confronted the Randall's with the documents and to date they choose to ignore this. Why we cant even get our 1 yr warranty work done. (Not that I would trust them with my boat now)
So this is my story .Theres more but I think you get the idea
Does anyone know a good lawer? It has come down to this. So I thought I would warn people about them.
The post is from Joe C

Hey Tadmo did you have problems getting your warranty work?
No problem with any warranty work on my Tracker. I didn't have too many problems with boat. Trolling motor problem which they fixed right away and 3 months ago they replaced my Deep Cycle battery. 6 months ago they replaced cranking battery. In fact they never even checked out my batteries they just gave me new ones.

Obviously it sounds as I may have been one of the lucky ones that didn't have any big problems. Things may have been alot different if they were. Thats some pretty scarey stuff with your loan on the boat. :shock: I wish I knew a good attorny for you. You've got to wonder how many other customers they did loan scam too also.

Good luck to ya
Tadmo I'm glad you had no problems :D . You bought your boat from tracker marine? That is the place that was supposed to do my warranty work they took pictures of what needed to be fixed they have yet to do any work on the boat. Anyways glad you got yours with no problems.
Joe C

The funny thing about your last post is the same issue I am having with them right now on fixing some BIG stress cracks on my tracker. They took all kinds of pictures and said they would get on this right away well it has been over three Months and when I place a call to them all I get is nope we have not finalized the deal with the factory yet. So I called the factory about this issue a month after this had happend and they said "we have no record of that boat and serial number in our system" So when I called back and told them whats the deal. I just got a we are sorry but its been real busy, so busy you neglect and lie to a customer? Anyway since I have fixed myself (without saying anything to them) and still have not had a call back for anything from them not a courtesy call or the call I was told I would get when they finalized with the factory on what it was going to take to fix. So there is another reason I will not buy or work with them anymore.


Still waiting after 3 months for them to do something.
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Joe C

Joe I read your post about the forged paper work on your boat. I sounds like they committed a crime if they forged papers to finance more money then you agreed upon. I'd file on them with Mesa PD ( If they are located in Mesa) or The Arizona Attorneys office.
Joe C, Thank you for coming back with the details of your problem. The more I hear about those dealers the more I wonder why they haven't been prosecuted. Its really odd that the Better Business Bureau has no records on any of the three stores. There's lawyers and cops that read and post on this board so I hope they'll help you out with advice. Ranger already has.
Nasty Basser just bought a boat from them, when he called me to tell me he bought one . I asked him where and he said the one of the three above. I said oh shit. so far he hasnt had a problem, at least whan I talked to him at the Dare tourny.

Ive had 4 good friends buy boats from them and known a few others. out of the 4 one guy had no problems. one guy bought a 17ft nitro and got a motor 2 years older than the boat, he had a warrenty issue and they said they wouldnt fix it cause there was no warrenty written on it( he bought this at the place they had on bell road a few years back) it took 2 years to get a new motor out of the deal and he got a complete new warrenty with the boat not to mention a bunch of free stuff.

He finally had it with the dealer here and went after trackermarine them selfs, it got cleared up in 8 months , it should have only taken 2 but the motor sat at the nitro dealer in town here for 3 months before he went and picked it up and had it installed elsewhere.

There is/was a bright side to all this. The mechanic they had working there was very very good. He was a mexican guy and I dont remember his name, but when he fixed it , it didnt come back. Someone said he went to tempe marine but I dint know if thats true or not.

My dealings with them has been short. at the store up on bell(before they shut it down) I liked the 20 footer had every option on it. My business was running good so I decided to see if they would give me a good deal on one. I went in there and said I wanted the show room boat and wanted it by, I didnt think I would get a good finance rate, but was suprised when I did. I also told them I wanted 1500 in bass proshops gift certificates he said no problem. I told them I didnt want it financed they were to give this to me for buying the boat(hey you gotta start somewhere) 3 days later the guy called me and said it was a go. I stopped by and looked at the papers, told him I would be back on friday with the cash(for the down) and to pick up the boat. On the way back to the shop i decided to tell my wife what I bought, she wasnt happy with it but ok'd it.

Friday I went in to do the deal. paper work comes in front and there was an extra $5000 thrown in for the upgraded motor. They told me they forgot to add it in, and told me that they could only get $250 in gift certificates and would throw in a $200 boat cover. I turned around walked out the door and told them to f-off..
They called me 2-4 times a week for a month to come and work something out.
Dont know about the ones down in mesa (but the old one on bell really sucked)
Kinda a good thing I didnt buy it cause I would still be paying on it today ( the new Paperwork also was a 15 year note instead of a 3-4 year like I asked for)

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Tracker Marine/The Randalls

I have been dealing with Tracker/Action Marine now for 5 years and i have never had a problem with the service or my warranty work on any of my nitros. John Randall is a good guy. A couple months ago I was with out my new boat because the engine had blown and they fixed it for me a it runs better now that it did before. I own a nitro 901 with a 200 optimax and I am very impressed with the boat and the service that has been provided by tracker marine. Rob Thelen.
I bought a new 96 tracker from then Action Marine. My 1st boat in about 20yrs and on the maiden voyage I had motor problems and back to the dealer it went. It took 6 months for me to get 5 hrs on her. The 5 trips back I ran into the salesman who jokingly said are you ready to trade up? I told him about 5 trips here and now they want to keep it for 4-5 weeks more. I just wanted to get through the break in period.
He said just a minute and came back - We have it under controll. Aboat was pulled out, my was pulled in A half an hour later I was on my way with the boat. Since then I all take my work to Complete Marine and no more problems. ...Pete

PS. I got rid of the tracker for a bigger boat
Hello Rob
I'm glad you have had no problems with tracker. John Randell was the guy that my wife & I talked to in person at tracker.He told me since action marine was no longer in buisness he would take care of my warranty work right away. They told me it would take 3 weeks to get the ok from procraft.After 3 weeks went by i called they told me it would be another 2 weeks that procraft was dragging there feet. Called again 3 more weeks I was told.
It keeps going on & on the same old runaround. Needless to say it has still not been done. John is the person that we took all the forged documents to and showed him the signatures that were not ours.He is also the guy that we told about the motor we were sold.So you see I have a big problem with the Randells & the
way they run there businesses. I guess they have not screwed everyone that purchased a boat from them.

Joe C
Hey Guys
I got a reply on another site from John Randall :shock: .
I'm not sure if anything will come of this but it seemed to have ruffled some feathers :mrgreen: . We'll keep digging if nothing happens :twisted:.

Joe C
Joe Sometimes you would be suprised at who reads these site's.

Thats how the bigbassdays group finally heard about it, or at least I got a reply from them about it.


Well I sicked the dogs on'em :twisted:
Attorney Generals Office
Mesa Police Dept
Better Business Bureau
Channel 3 & 15
And all the people who have read this post on this site & other sites.

We'll See

Joe C
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