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The funny thing about your last post is the same issue I am having with them right now on fixing some BIG stress cracks on my tracker. They took all kinds of pictures and said they would get on this right away well it has been over three Months and when I place a call to them all I get is nope we have not finalized the deal with the factory yet. So I called the factory about this issue a month after this had happend and they said "we have no record of that boat and serial number in our system" So when I called back and told them whats the deal. I just got a we are sorry but its been real busy, so busy you neglect and lie to a customer? Anyway since I have fixed myself (without saying anything to them) and still have not had a call back for anything from them not a courtesy call or the call I was told I would get when they finalized with the factory on what it was going to take to fix. So there is another reason I will not buy or work with them anymore.


Still waiting after 3 months for them to do something.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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