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boat motor question

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ok so i am selling my boat( the 84 tracker in the forsale section. a guy emailed me asking if i wanted to sell just the motor. my question is how many prospective people am i gonna lose by not having a whole package deal? is there people that will want it with no motor. also i dont know what just the motor is worth so how much do i ask for it. its an 84 25h.p. xd mercury with electric and pull start. motor is in great working shape and starter but i dont know:confused::confused::confused::confused:
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only the right person will buy the boat with no motor. tell im to buy the whole thing and tell him to sale the boat.
+1 have him sell the boat

thats kinda what i was thinkin. i wouldn't wanna buy a boat knowing i have to put more into it right away. especially in this economy
i will try sending him one telling him that thanks
if he doesnt go for it, tell him no. would you buy a boat with out a motor?
no i wouldnt but delw might
what goods a boat with out a motor?
whatcha think delw, want another project.:cool:
just kiddin. where can i find what its worth though, not gonna do it but am curious now
tell him you'll sell the motor...and the boat comes with it for the price your asking for.
The hull is worth about $150-$250 on Aluminums that old. The rest of the price is motor. Older f-glass hulls are worth about $500 at best. The cost is all wrapped up in the motor!!
yeap,he weants a cheap motor and a good deal,he is probably the guy who says he wants to come see it,then he will offer you a trade for guns,did it twice to me on my 25 4 sale
he is an older fellow ,its either guns or he wants to trade for concrete supplys
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