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on a 18 foot boat white being the cheapest your looking at 5k-10k for gel coat including buffing and finish work and 9times out of 10 you have to have it completely striped thats both top and bottom.

do it yourself your looking at 800-1000 in supplies spraying is the easy part takes about an hour or so for the entire boat. the wetsanding and buffing after words takes about 3-5 full days unless your very good with shooting gelcoat.
shooting the bottom of the hull is a bitch unless you turn the boat upside down.

if you have a white boat now you can more than likely wetsand it and buff it out and it will look almost as good as new.

I forgot to mention if your doing a color change ie boat is now blue or red and you want white toss in another 1-2k

for my 22 foot cajun compleye stripped, I was quoted from 12k-18k to go from white to yellow ( yellow is a hard color to shoot) for doing it in the same color white with red stripes I was quoted 10k-15k.

to give you a idea one consol on my gambler I was quoted 1-3k with most quotes running about 1500 and it was only a 8" section of the gambler consol and the dash panel and they guarenteed it wouldnt match.
+1, probably cost around 200-300 dollars if you had someone do it. About the same if you did it yourself, that is, if you don't already have the buffer, compounds and pads. As delw said, if your boat is white already it will buff out and look good as new.
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