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Boat Reg. Question ?

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I bought a jon boat about a month ago,I am now trying to get it reg.
The boat has changed hands about 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years and has never been reg since the orig owner about 5 years ago.Game and fish says I have to tell them the name of the orig owner in order to get it reg,otherwise I have a boat that I cant get reg,anyone have any experience with this
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pretty much screwed same thing I'm dealing with right know. U should let G&F do the leg work, take the boat to them and they will contact the orig owner then u can reg the boat. It takes a while like 3 months or some thing and theres a chance that u won't get the boat back if the owners says its still there's. sorry it sucks
When I registered the one I got from my dad after he passed, it had not been registered in fifteen years or more.simply said the previous owner had died and in five minutes it was mine.
if its been longer than five years they will make u a new reg and if you r the kin or family they will to if it has not been that long. the person i got the boat from did not reg it the person he got it from got it from an older man that passed so he just renewed the reg now theres know way of geting it reged in my name cause i don't know the person who owned the boats name and its only been 3 years sence the last time it was reged
that blows... should be some way of getting it of kin of the deceased maybe? just throwing thoughts out. good luck and keep trying
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