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OK, its Saturday and about 110 degress outside and coupled with the 90 percent humidity on the water i was less than comphy. my trademark hat is hanging limp and i just spent the last 30 minutes in the engine compartment of some guys boat who was blocking the ramp for an hour because he broke his trim pump and did not know how to bypass it. So there i am, idleing out of the no wake zone counting the seconds to when that refreshing blast of hot air can flow over my bald head and i see HIM, Guedo. He is in all of his splendor. hes got his black shorts with the red flames shooting up, slicked back hair and the big golden Italian horn hanging around his neck. he has got a couple of his friends in the back of the boat lookin just as fine as he was. Now Guido was about 50 yards away from me on my port side heading to the no wake bueys also. when he got to within 75 yards of them he figured thats enough and nailed it. Now i said to myself, NOT and let him see my pretty flashing blue light. Guido was not impressed and kept on going. So i decieded to pull up alongside of him and let him listen to some 210 decible music that comes out of the shinny chrome speaker in the front of my boat. THAT IMPRESSED HIM. I pull up next to him and Guido says,"whassup" with his best head tilt head bob. i explain to him about the wake zone incident and begins to argue with me that he was past them. 2nd mistake he made today. i tell him that those little skinney bueys with the verticle red lines are hazard bueys. as i tell Guido this he and his friends decide it is hot so how better to cool yourself off YES, crack open some beer and have some nice cool barley pop while the cop chews you out. 3rd mistake, Guido is out. As most of you will now know, there is five blocks for charges on each ticket. and yes i can fill all of them out on just one stop. 1) the no wake zone, 2) the dead fire extinguisher, 3) the expired registration,May of 2000. 4) only 2 life preservers for 3 people and 5) no throwable. Guido then stated,"cant you just give me a warning". so i tell him, you can look at it like these are just written documentation of your violations if it makes you feel better. although you will still need to see the judge, sign here press hard 4 copies. he was then told to drive his boat back to the ramp, load it up and not get back on the lake until he reads the handy booklet i gave him and he fixes all of the issues i had with his boat.

Shit Boat cop why did you have to write one of my family members a ticket 8) .

bad fire ex., overdue tags,black shorts with red flames oh wait you said shooting up mine are shooting down :roll: cant be one of my relatives.

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