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Boat value?

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Do any of you remember the web site that is like the or Kelly Blue Book for boats. I can't remember what it is. I need to find the value of my boat before I sell it. Thanks for any help on this.
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Tadmo. is a good place to see what others are selling for.

there is also some links in there for bluebooks values

I have been there but I thought there was blue book type site out there somewhere.
Tadmo, I believe it's the NADA Book. It's the book the banks use when checking loan values. I'm pretty sure it's N.A.D.A. and it's not the Kelly's "Blue" book. Good luck in your search.
Thanks JohnSWA and DelW. I am checking out both sites now. I appreciate your help. I should have asked you guys first. I was looking for an hour on the web for this. Thanks again.
Tad - There used to be a link off the "LandBigFish" Website to a value estimator of some sort. They haven't had that link their site in about a year now. Did you decide on rods yet? The offer still stands if you want to try my Falcons.
Call any of the marine dealers they have a whole sale retail blue book and can give you what you are looking for.
Kelley Blue Book vs. NADA Book Values

I asked a loan officer once why they use the NADA book rather than Kelley Blue Book. She told me that the NADA loan values are about 5% more conservative (lower values) than the KBB. If the loan is defaulted, the banks have a better chance to recover their money. With lower loan values, the loanee (us) have to put a little more money down to get the loan. Conversely, when I sell a car, I always print the KBB values for retail and wholesale or trade-in, because I think the numbers are slightly higher than NADA values would be. Just my 2¢.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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