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BPS reel help...

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Hey guys, I have a BPS Extreme reel w/ the flippin switch (not the new model), and one morning trying to get unsnagged I reeled down too far and I pressed the release to let line out. With the tension on the reel and the sudden release, my flipping switch no longer works and the spring that pushes the thumb bar back up is also in-op.

My question to you is what should I do. Call BPS 1-800 customer service number, or contact the PHX BassPro directly and talk to the reel guys. Has anyone had to do this for a malfuntioning reel with BPS before?

Any info is greatly appreciated. :?
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You can probably take it back and they will exchange it. For the long term fix I would buy Shimano and not waste my money on the BPS stuff.
+1 Right on the money!
Just take a cruise to the Mesa store and they'll probably exchange with no hassles. I've got a couple BPS reels I like, but I wouldn't exactly be ashamed to kick them to the curb in favor of a better brand.
I have several of these reels, the NEW ones are a little step-up I have one of those now. I'm sending a PM.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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