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If you venture to the Little Colorado or black river, they have some pretty good apache's in there, they are fun to catch, but keep in mind, certain area's are artificial only area's, and G&F even told me that they consider Powerbait not to be artificial.

I'll give you a little secret, if you are not a fly fisherman get your spinning rod(lightweight), go to a fly fishing shop and buy some fly's that look like small grasshoppers(brownish/greyish). Tie them on and toss them into cuts, pockets, and next to tree stumps, it is a blast just get them on the water and start twitching them.
they are fly and lure only, power bait is... well... bait.

Get a bubble fill it almost all the way full leaving just a little air (or however much you want it to float off the bottom. 4 ft of liter, and one of those grasshopper flies... huck that thing out as far as you can (you cast them a mile). let it sink for 20 or 30 sec. (it falls slow) and real back to shore at a snails pace... I mean s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w, this can be deadly.
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