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Camping at Rosey

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Do any of the Zoners tent camp at Roosevelt this time of year? If so, is the heat unbearable during the day?
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Find some place close to the water on the west side of the lake that provides some shade. just get wet and make your own swamp cooler!
Betcha it's cooler there than it is here! Have fun, go fishin!

September is the transition month between summer and autumn so it can go either way. If the high temps are over 90 it's no-go for me. The mornings and evenings are great but the afternoons can be..........exquisite.
It sucked balls the last weekend of August. Keep and eye on the forecast and pick a weekend where it's not getting over 100 dregrees.
Late last week got done fishing mid-afternoon & got back to Cholla ramp & there was a guy standing about chest deep in the water on the ramp reading a magazine. Said he was camping and just needed to cool down a little.
That's all I need to hear FrankL, I'm not going camping until it is much cooler. I'm usually off the water around 10:30am or 11:00am this time of year because it is starting to get too hot. I should have known better.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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