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Can you put a boat with gas motor attached at Woods Canyon?

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Hi All, can I put a bassboat onto Woods Canyon if I only use my trolling motor?

Thanks in advance!
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As long as you don't use your gas motor you'll be fine.
where is this place if you dont mind???
Yup, like said before, you can use your boat as long as the motor is trimmed out of the water. You'll get some interesting looks, but you should kick butt on the trout! I've done it hence the looks, but you'll love Woods Canyon Lake.

If you can believe this.......Wendy loves this lake and has bugging me to take her and her dad up there! She can't miss when it comes to trout or even Bass and especially yellows!

My bait of choice for Woods Canyon lake is "Balls of Fire" Salmon eggs/ You have to get the "Red" label type. They have at least two different colors, but we always catch our limit with the red label Balls of Fire Salmon eggs. If you are trolling, get some cowbell rigs. They work great up there too!


Just take the Beeline HWY (87) towards Payson. After you enter Payson, turn RIGHT on HWY 260. You can't miss it. You've got about an 1/2 hour drive till you get there. There are signs along the way. Look for the Rim lakes sign. There's a ranger station to the right and you will be turning left. I hope this helps.

JohnSWA how do you rig those cow bells. I've seen them and they look kind of complicated. Also how do you fish them. As you can tell I have never fished for trout from a boat. I'm a shore fisherman and the 3 times I have been to Woods Canyon I used one of those "water weights" (egg looking thing you fill with water and twist onto your line) and rainbow power bait with sparkles in it and that also seems to do the trick.
Nice to meetcha Fishwrestler! Personally, I've never used cowbells so I wouldn't know how to use them. I recommended them because some guys next to us were slaying the trout on them. To me, they just look like a long spinner rig with a bunch of blades. I've never rigged one, but it can't be that difficult (although it is me we're talking about! :lol: )

Thanks for the help JohnSWA. Hopefully I can skip a wrestling practice and go up there and catch and eat my limit. :lol:
By the way have you been up there within the past month or so JohnSWA? I got so excited talking about it that I am going to take my girlfriend up there to go fishing with me. :D We are gonna try to be up there at 6a.m. So hopefully I can do well. Quick question about those salmon eggs... what size treble hook do you use, how many do you put on the hook, and would using that "water weight" work with the hook on the bottom? Thanks for any help. :D
I took the family about 2 months ago, so my report would be a little out of date. Here's my rig. Bare with me since my trout box is a little empty right now.

I don't use treble hooks. My rig is similar to a drop shot rig, but for trout. Tie two swivels on your line about 8-12 inches apart and then tie your bell sinker to the bottom of the rig about another 12". I like Eagle Claw Snelled fish hooks in size 6 or 8. These are single hooks and they are pre tied. Just hook the loop of the line to the snap swivel and you are set! The fish are much easier to take off the hook and you don't have to worry about exposed metal or using too much bait. This rig works for me every time and I hope it works for you. Don't forget to post your report........even if it is "Gay Bass"!!! :lol:

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You can catch you trout limit in 3 hours easy, cowbells are a joke, sorry MHO. Troll with P.M.'s won't say what color though.
If you want to catch them real easy use #18 trebs with a green colored powerbait. not rainbow. fire is working too.
Woods Canyon sucks way to busy. Willow Springs, and Bear canyon are the better lakes up there.
When you get to the top of the rim turn left at fr 300 and drive in from there woods is about 2miles in and Bear is around 12 miles in and Willow is about 2 miles past the fr 300 turnoff.
Knoll Lake is hot right now also.
Well even though I did not fish today (sunday) I did stop by Woods Canyon on my way back from Heber looking for a cabin to buy. I asked around and people were catching them good on powerbait, green and rainbow and salmon eggs. Lots of boat anglers out today. I will be up there this coming Sunday the 12th so hopefully i can get my limit on some nice trout.
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