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Hey guys, jeez i havent been on for a couple of months or so, but im in need of some great assistance. For one, im now on the border of maine and canada, by a border town by the name of New Brunswick. I am staying on pleasant lake (not lake pleasant in az) and the smallmouth are amazing. The lake has never been stocked, and is full of wild, tough bronzebacks. I have only been using senkos, in which the two days i have been here, i have caught about 15 fish for about 7 hours of fishing. My biggest so far is a 3.5, but none have been less than 2 pounds. I need to know where to fish, and i dont have a gps or depthfinder. Also, are there any secret baits u could help me with to go after a 6-7 pound smallie, which i have a definate chance of catching at this lake. The help would be greatly appreciated, good luck on the water

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I'm definitely no expert but when I was up in NH. a couple weeks ago I caught some really nice smallmouth on 4 inch senkos and soft jerkbaits. I'm guessing the lakes you are fishing up there are very similar to the lakes I fished in NH. I caught most of my fish in 8-10 feet of water along any types of rocks. Good luck and have fun. Josh
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