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Canyon Lake

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Fished Canyon Lake on Saturday from 6 am to 3 pm with my buddy Tim. We threw 5-inch and 8-inch rainbow swimbaits off and on between the hours spent drop-shotting 4-inch Roboworms and vertical jigging different spoons.

Caught ONE tiny rat on a spoon. Felt worse than being skunked. :x I did not talk to anyone else having a lot of success, but don't gauge the fishing on my results because I obviously have no idea how the hell to catch bass at AZ lakes this time of year.

I am completely dejected -- B Mc B. :cry:
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Thanks for the encouragement champ,204. I'll try to keep my chin up.

We fished all those areas, especially around the launch areas and the marina. Nothing. I'll think that I'll take your advice and chalk it up to a tough day, not our effort.

I've had great catches at Canyon in the spring and summer, just never this time of year. :?
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