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canyon bank

It depends on the conditions, but I used to fish the bank a lot before I got a boat and recommend the following spots:

1. The bank down from the road before you get to the first bridge. I like the spot best right where you first round the corner to the lake, but it's a pain to climb down. If you can make it over to the left where the point is, I've always done well there.
2. The area to the right of Laguna Boat Ramp. Watch out for the prickly pear cacti along the trails down to the lake. Get as close to the island as you can.

Everbody and their brother fishes along the bank and the points around the first bridge. I guess there must be a reason, but I don't like crowds. Also, I've never caught anything significant in La Barge cove, although it gets a ton of trout seekers this time of year.

Hope this helps -- good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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