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Canyon Late afternoon Bass Help...

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Heading out today around 5. Looking to catch some bass?? any help??? Ill be fishing from shore throwing the d-shot and jerks , frogs , swimbaits. Any spots you fellow anglers would like to point me to would be great. Not familliar with this lake at all.

Thanks Chris
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Im not sure about fishing from the shore but I always see shore fisherman around the first bridge. I dont know how friendly the terrain is around there but almost every weekend there are a few guys fishing in that area from the shore.
forget about the swimbaits and frogs(maybe) for now.go to boulder and go to back by the trout tube. throw watermelon senkos in and around the rocks. the rocks are full of blue gills and the senkos imatate that.long cast parallel if possible sometimesto many people there. d.s around the reeds and you can try your frogs round the reeds as well. good luck. my p.b. fish came out of there doing the same thing actually. but you can catch lots of fish espesially if you see the bluegill roaming, slow sink no weight and just pop through the rocks like natural. oh yeah i would rig the senkos texas style
Dropshotkid thanks. Wheres boulder at ??? or the trout tube ?
Boulder is the NO BOAT area behind the marina (by the 2nd bridge).

Trout tube?

Throw weightless senkos or dropshot morning dawn robos...

Good luck!
Boulder Recreation site its just passed the boat ramp on the right there are signs that will lead you there. Dont forget your tonto pass. I dont know where the trout tube is but once your in boulder you will see the reeds.
Where do I walk down at? How bout the area on your way to tortilla flats? That shallow area looks very fishy?????
the trout tube is at the very back of parking lot. by second out house, sometimes they have the road closed past first out house by dock but you can walk back there. i would always hit the left side of the tube first, throwin both directions, then hike just a bit past the out house lookin on left for opening. crawl down there and you cant see it but tube round corner to your left. throw both sides again. nice little cut to your right also. you know your in the spot if there is a big root exposed on the little area to stand around. the tube is just a big white tube at top of lot
I dont know whats down there I have seen it from the road on my way to apache but never walked down. Boulder actually has a floating fishing peer. you can throw from that but there is also a trail that you can take that will head south to the back of boulder (away from the bridge). Years ago you could park right in front of the second bridge and walk down a little trail and fish from the point but I dont think you can do that anymore.
Thanks Bro , ill let you know how I do.
no prob. good luck. andyes head south into it. you can only go so far though and the fishing not as good as you go farther i think or not this time of year at least. just follow the blue gill. bass eat em alot more than we realize.
Go to the end of the parking lot at boulder, take the path that goes past the out house. you will find several spots to fish that are open.
d shot 12 ince worms trout color is what i bang them on arond the points on the west side of the lake
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