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Headed out there around 3ish, with the girlfriend. I knew i was in for it 15 minutes in she says" Im bored" lol but I persisted to keep this fun .... I handed her my dropshot rod Daiwa Steez Daiwa Sol reel its my money maker!!! Im thinking she could catch with that just soak a worm. I go to get her some sunflower seed's and boom im in the water, my rod goes flying... yep now we are having fun . Its always an experience taking people fishing who dont good times.

So the fish report,headed to boulder bay I think thats what its called saw bass busting on bluegills all over tied on a Senko Nada. Tied on a crank bait lost it first cast said ok skip that idea. Tied on a fluke Bingo got nailed spit it. Moved down towards the last porta potty wham a nice crashes it on top loose it in a tree. 5 oclock rolls around we pack up hit the last little spot before exiting the lake, hike down its looking verrrry fishy for my Huddleston I look over shes reeling in a Bluegill nice one at that! Me skunked . All in all just nice to get out there.
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yeah i was thinking of headn out there,main lake is better,float tube the marina or by the last dock!better luck i bet!
Next time you go there [boulder] try a suspending Rattlen Rogue in firetigre or a Bass-o-reno in leopard frog. There is a somewhat deep channel on the opposite side that is about 30-40' wide, then slowly rises to the shore where you are fishing from. Lots of rock, tree limbs stuck in the muck bottom and some short grass. Best to use baits that you can start deep then bring up to just under the surface or those that only run 6- 10" down. Later in the evening, jitterbugs, spooks, ricos and small floating trout swimbaits.
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