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Cardinals Game

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Just got back from the Cardinal Game. 1st half was pretty embarrassing but, they came back and made it a game. Half the stadium left when it was 38-24 and the full 4th quarter left. The Cards came back with 2 touchdowns making it 38-37 and 35 seconds on the clock. It was awesome. They could've tied the score with the xtra point but, went for 2 points and just missed. I'm glad I stayed regardless of the outcome. Had my kids there and they loved it. Not sure how they'll do this year but, it sure was fun.
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Just remember" The cardinals only make the playoffs every 30 yrs or so".......
yea good game. i think they went for two because its pre season and you dont want to risk injuries in overtime. we also thought maybe there isnt overtime in pre season? any one know the answer?
Just remember" The cardinals only make the playoffs every 30 yrs or so".......
Math must be a foreign language to you.
First half was embarrassing and Warner looked REAL old and slow in the pocket. Dude is not going to make it through the season w/out injury and huge fumbling problems.

Lienart looked much better in the pocket and had decent arm strength in his throws but the biggest positive of the game was Wells the guy looked very good (maybe he'll be the real deal).
Warner blows, they should have left his old but aside. I am laughing at all the leineart haters. hopefully kurt gets it together, i don't want another embarrising season and all the bandwagon fans jumping off ship.
go cards!
Man that was fast...Warner still thinks faster than both of them. He is not as fast or strong but he see's the little place he needs to put and places it there. Leinart was used to throwing to a guy that had his defender by5-15 yards, that has caused him to have a longer learning curve in my opinion.

Must suck for Leinart that Sanchez is starting this year and he is 1 or maybe 2 back.
I hope the cards can bring it again. Only thing we have in this market these days.
I was there. My first game since i was a kid. It was a lot of fun
DRC got toasted several times. Maybe it was the base vanilla defense they were playing, but at times it looked like a scrimmage out there. Glad Leinart had a great game, he's really come a long way and is ready to lead if Warner goes down.
Just pre-season. They'll be ready for the real season.
+1 absolutely. I think its funny when people are critical of pre season football. Too me its a time where they can try new things and we can see dudes that are on the cusp of making the team. I can care less what the outcome is just as none of our important players dont go out for no reason. Warner did look a bit slow, but the hip is still iffy and yes he probably will hurt himsalf, but on the bright side Leinert didn't look bad and he looked really comfortable in the pocket. It was B's v B's, but its still mano y mano. Lets wait till november to be pissed off!
I just don't like kurt warner, that is my only beef, I think he gets to much credit. Regardless as I said before I still hope he does good.
Kurt Warner is the MAN!!!! And yes everybody should be worried the entire team looked like hammered crap. I love the Cards more than anybody but man, I could not believe what happened that was first string vs. first string for the first half of the game. You play like you practice and that was just garbage. That being said, Go Cards you got two weeks to figure it out and old Grey beard will lead the way to victory if everybody follows.

I got tickets to the opener any zoners gonna be there?
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